She wakes. A brightly shining sun and choir of birds greet her. She takes no notice, scantly making it through the day. A grey fog lingers over her. Going through the motions, she waits for the day to end. The only certainty is the sweet life she lives only in her dreams.


Dream Lover

I used to know you
As a boy

A boy and a girl
Who knew nothing
Of love
Yet in our hearts
We loved

I saw you
In my dream
The other night

Like dreams
Throughout the years
I would see you
In a crowded room
And I would not be able
To reach you

Last night
I found you
And held you
So tight
As if I knew
It would be
The last time
I would see you

We kissed
I felt it
Throughout my body
I felt you
Inside me
Loving me

We laid together
In loving embrace
And you looked
Deep into my eyes as
I woke.



Invading my dreams
I question all
In dreams occupied
A chase ensues
Needing to be near him
To feel his arms
Embrace me
His lips
Just one kiss
A kiss never collected
Past and present collide
I cannot reach you
Please leave my dreams
Do not torture
My fragile heart
Evacuate my mind
No longer disrupt my dreams
I can no longer endure

                                   -BW ©