They say

“What is it good for?”

Profits for those whose

Pockets are already filled with gold

While those who serve

Can barely afford to live

And their blood now lines

Those pockets

And the boorish spenders

Still ask for more

Lovers Apocalypse

If I could escape

Fly far away

You would be there

Nothing holding us back

Oblivious to

Life’s insignificance

Apart from

Our arms embrace

Our lips

Your touch

Caressing me

Day and night

The world would

Cease to spin

A cessation in time

Passion dominating

Us alone

And my heart

At long last


One Night – Teaser

She stood motionless in the dimly lit doorway waiting to get up the nerve to knock. Fantasizing for years led to such great anticipation for this moment. Tonight, making the riskiest move of her life, she took a chance on altering the boundaries of their friendship forever.

Inside showering, he was completely unaware of the conceivably life altering events about to transpire. His roommate was out for the night and little did he know the evening’s circumstances had been laid out to the smallest detail, save for his reaction.

To be continued…