Page One

A cascade of tears

Flow down my face

My heart becomes

A cavern of empty dreams

There is no next chapter

Written from here

I must start over

Hone a new craft

That will become me

Hold my head high

And wear the crown

That carries hope


Dream Lover

I used to know you
As a boy

A boy and a girl
Who knew nothing
Of love
Yet in our hearts
We loved

I saw you
In my dream
The other night

Like dreams
Throughout the years
I would see you
In a crowded room
And I would not be able
To reach you

Last night
I found you
And held you
So tight
As if I knew
It would be
The last time
I would see you

We kissed
I felt it
Throughout my body
I felt you
Inside me
Loving me

We laid together
In loving embrace
And you looked
Deep into my eyes as
I woke.



Invading my dreams
I question all
In dreams occupied
A chase ensues
Needing to be near him
To feel his arms
Embrace me
His lips
Just one kiss
A kiss never collected
Past and present collide
I cannot reach you
Please leave my dreams
Do not torture
My fragile heart
Evacuate my mind
No longer disrupt my dreams
I can no longer endure

                                   -BW ©