Past Ghosts

In my dreams last night

Unwanted ghosts of my past

Visited me

Disturbing my slumber

Still lingering once I woke

Haunting me throughout my day

For intangible entities

Their memories continue

Weighing me down


At times we experience

What we believe to be inimitable

Loneliness becomes overwhelming

Until we discover others

Comparably affected

A community formed

As a result of

Compassion and acceptance

Families and friendships form

Loneliness consumed by love

Hope Endures

A bitter taste

Destroying beauty

People that kill

People who die

Children who wake

From gunshots outside

Families afraid to

Send their children to school

Blood soaked clothing

Of mothers whose

Sons have died in their arms

Guns in the hands

Of the innocent and nefarious

Bombs dropped

Bloodshed in the name of God

Wars for power, land, oil, greed

Mother’s without children

Babies without families

Nations without trust

Humans without Love


Hope endures faintly