Lovers Apocalypse

If I could escape

Fly far away

You would be there

Nothing holding us back

Oblivious to

Life’s insignificance

Apart from

Our arms embrace

Our lips

Your touch

Caressing me

Day and night

The world would

Cease to spin

A cessation in time

Passion dominating

Us alone

And my heart

At long last


Love’s Truth

Rarely have I heard

Truth in what was spoken to me

Like an extinguisher

My flames were doused

By words

Replaced by rage

Until I gave in

Lovely words

Fraudulent, falsities of a predator

Weakening my stance

Taking away something in me

Replacing love with fear

Words… just words

Words no longer hold

Complete validity

Meaning lies behind actions

Love is in the hands,

Holding the heart,

Guiding me

Towards the stars

Towards the truth

Words the initiator

Truth in the words

Propel love’s momentum

A controlled explosion

My flames allowed to burn


Because the truth of love

Allows it to be so.


Where do you go when

Your mind is racing

Your thoughts are

Taking you to unfamiliar places.

Do you travel to

Distant  places where

Reality doesn’t exist

Time and space are a myth


Or does your heart

Pulse with love,

And the once quiet yearning

Finally breaks loose


Does the anger

The sad regret

Seep from your pores

Allowing you to mourn


Where do you go

When you need

To be free…

Finding a Voice

There are so many of them.

Not schizophrenic,

Internal diversity.

Full of opinions,

Full of shit perhaps.

Sifting through

The baggage

The positive and negative

Words spoken

True or false

Compiling self,

Deleting self loathing

Building character

Finding a Voice

Speaking out loud…