Rage Released

You repress it

Behind your smile it lurks

In the pit of your stomach

It resides


An irrepressible contagion

Ascending from the bowels


Infuriation prolonged

Now turned to rage

Misguided resentment

Boiling over

Need for an outlet

You struggle to keep it inside

No, it must be released

Released on me

My spirit

And my body

It must be released

It dissipates

Rage released…

“Rehab is for Junkies Only!”

Heroine addicts

Looking at the girl

With razor carvings

Blanketing her arms and legs

They turn away from her

“She doesn’t have a real problem”

As in life she’s unaccepted

In this world of recovery

Walking away

She gives in to

No longer belonging in this world

Desperately searching

To find the end

The end of her pain

A girl in-need of help

Never found it

Even in a place

Where all can be helped